Re-Engineer India

Micro / small scale Renewable Energy projects for development and environmental conservation in rural India through social entrepreneurship and volunteer action! 

We have a number of volunteer/internship opportunities for young professionals and  university students from across the world in projects such as solar, wind, bio-mass/gas, mechanical pedal, etc.

Our micro-projects on Renewable Energy

Our various micro level alternative energy projects are aimed to research and  promote energy conservation, renewable energy  and  develop new innovative economical renewable products  in rural India !

The RE Needs

Fuel-wood and  agricultural residues continue to be the primary energy resources. Our projects are a small scale effort to develop and/or promote user-friendly products of alternative energy (beyond the usual petroleum gas) that are both economical and environmentally friendly for an improved quality of life in rural communities.

  • >> develop a new energy platform
  • >> improve upon or help maintain an existing platform
  • >> information to the local community concerning energy conservation and energy-efficient products.
  • >> research and analysis on energy economy, alternative renewable energy, and energy efficiency in rural village community
  • >> design, planning, and documentation

“Everything you can imagine is real”

 Pablo Picasso