Renewable Energy Store

RE store is a green business, fully off-grid which means that we do not have a connection to the electricity grid, where our power is generated by solar PV (Photo-voltaic panels) or mechanical power.

What we do

  • We are retailers of household alternative / renewable energy resources / products including solar electric panels, inverters and charge controllers.
  • We train people to conserve energy and make domestic alternative energy products.

The Renewable / Alternative Energy Store was initiated in 2011 by a couple of our team-members / volunteer-interns-engineers who thought that renewable energy products should be offered to rural poor / consumers along with free educational materials. The store seems to have most things one could be looking for, from books and videos to solar lights, solar panels, hydro-power equipment, micro/small wind turbines, various low-power appliances and lighting fixtures, batteries, composting toilets, etc.

AKASH has successfully implemented 200 solar Village Energy Kiosks that provide central charging, employment and reliable service to the village community. Now it is implementing 200 Village Energy Kiosk project in UP . Each kiosk is modular and can support upto 100 families with 3 LED lights each.

Re-charging facility

  • Can recharge solar lights.
  • Membership (End-users) available to deposit the discharged lights and collect the charged lights the same evening – either once in a week or on a fixed particular day of the week.
  • Users pay up to 15 rupees a month for a good full charge and maintenance of the light.
  • Solar, Grid, or Hybrid – as per availability